Travel Recorder, Record my life as Movie

Whether you are a lazy person? Have you ever thought about making a micro movie for your trip? Are you too lazy to sort them out after the trip? Work too busy? No mood? Too much trouble? The longer the time goes by, the harder it gets.

I am such a ‘lazy’ man. So, I develop this App ‘Trace Heap’. It integrates the camera function, comes beauty and all kinds of filters, can be a ‘idiot camera’. Moreover, it avoids switching mode between take photos and take videos, become more convenient and quick.

When you travel or go out to play, you can use the camera of ‘Trace Heap’ to record anything you want. It will organize them in chronological order in background automatically. After you come home, you simply click on the Share button, do not need to think about it, it will use photos and videos taken during the trip to generate your own micro movie.

Of course, We're looking forward to any feedback and comments on Trace Heap, and if you have any question or problems, please contact